Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sparkling Spotlight Tonight: Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

Fit for a Princess….Designed by a Twitter Queen!

For the Social Butterfly Brides out there who follow the wedding industry on Twitter (and if not, why not?!) you’ll have already tweeted, LOL’ed, #followfridayed #weddingwednesdayed (and sometimes *blushed*) with the reigning Wedding Queen of Twitter, @hhjtinygems aka Sarah Marks, owner and designer at Tiny Gems. Sarah has run with the number one spot of the Top 100 Wedding Tweeters for umpteen weeks, months even, giving Bryan Adams a run for his money in the Twitter world.

Everything I do, I do it for...You “All our jewellery is handmade; therefore each item is as unique as you are.”

Tonight’s Spotlight is on Tiny Gems’ beautiful Heirloom Brooch Bouquets.

Traditionally, brides have flowers for their wedding bouquet however Tiny Gems have designed something that is bespoke and is perfect if you want to make a statement or take a break from tradition. Each wedding is individual so why not have a bouquet that is unique with a Tiny Gems Heirloom Bouquet.

The beautiful heirloom bouquet is made to each bride's specific requirements making it a complete one off original. Tiny Gems will create a mood board for you, and consult on your colour scheme for the ribbon handle and the collar of the bouquet to tie in perfectly with your colour scheme.

Each bouquet is made up of approx 30 vintage style brooches and will be a stunning finishing touch to any big day. It is also unique by the fact that this is something that can treasured forever, and pass down to your children for their wedding day.

“I wanted to design something that was bespoke to each bride and something that they could treasure. Each bouquet is specifically designed to meet each bride's requirements ensuring that it matches the colour scheme or theme of the wedding. It also offers something different from the normal wedding bouquet.”

Tiny Gems also offers a fantastic range of tiaras, wedding accessories, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and jewellery sets."

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  1. thank u so much for featuring me on ur super blog xxx

  2. No, thank YOU Sarah! Bespoken Dreams' absolute pleasure xxx