Monday, 18 October 2010

Hollywood Dreams Designer Day at Liverpool Bridal Gallery

Designer days are your opportunity to view the current collections of some of the bridal world's highly regarded designers. At some of the events, the designer will attend the stockist's location along with a selection of designs to help you create the bridal gown of your dreams. You can select elements from your favourite designs to produce your perfect dress.

HOLLYWOOD DREAMS DESIGNER DAY Saturday 23rd October 2010 at the Liverpool Bridal Gallery.
Discounts available for all orders placed on the day. Call 0151 428 3998 for an appointment, only a few left!

What Hollywood Dreams say...
"Our collections of beautiful, handcrafted bridal gowns are made to the highest standards in an array of luxurious fabrics. Sumptuous satins, flowing organza's and Taffeta silks, adorned with stunning embroidery and embellished with the finest quality ornate beading.

We understand you may have your own ideas as to what makes your dream wedding gown. We will adapt one of our styles to produce a truly individual creation

There is a wide choice of fabrics in an array of colours that are interchangeable within each design, giving true flexibility. Our trained stockists are also able to offer you a made to measure service if required.

Enjoy making your Hollywood Dreams come true!"

Liverpool Bridal Gallery
49 Allerton Road, Wollton Village, Liverpool, L25 7RE
T 0151 729 0800

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