Sunday, 27 March 2011

Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me Trio Box Set

The MOST romantic way to propose, ever! Ladies, look away...nnnnnow!

If you want to make a lasting impression when proposing marriage, and also have a special keepsake, then this is the appropriate gift to give...

The wooden heart shaped box set, with hinged lids, fits snugly one inside the other, with each one having an engraved message on the outside of the wooden box. A perfect marriage proposal gift.

The first box is engraved with the words "Will You" the second box "Marry" and the third box "Me".

Inside the third wooden heart box, is a velvet love heart shaped ring box, placed in freeze dried rose petals for you to add the engagement ring.

If you want to make this gift extra special by personalising further, you can add your loved one's name on the first box, "Roslynn... Will You" second box, "Marry" third box, "Me". (max 12 letters for name).

To personalise by adding name there is an additional charge.

This is a very romantic and special gift for a a romantic proposal which will be remembered in the years to follow...


  1. These are gorgeous-what a great idea! Just hope she says yes after opening all the boxes!

  2. These are so romantic....I want a set even though I am already married. What a fabulous idea!

  3. I know! I would definitely say 'yes' to such a romantic gesture!

  4. wat a lovely way to propose ur luv.. simply Luv the idea.!

  5. Does anyone know where else i can get these beautiful boxes and Violet and Blue have no stock please help Andy