Saturday, 9 April 2011

Enchantingly Charming Wedding Day Memories...

"The idea of encapsulating precious memories and keepsakes in silver is something that I regard as beautiul and I feel privileged to be able to create unique jewellery which will be treasured."

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something....silver?

I am an huge fan of capturing wedding day memories, both traditional and non-traditional.  So when I was invited by skilled silversmith Catherine Ann McRae of Enchanting Charms  to view her site and wares, I couldn't wait to share!

"Capture a leaf or petals from a bride's bouquet, corsage or buttenhole and turn it into a precious piece of bespoke jewellery to last for a lifetime....

We also create a range of charms made from a loved ones fingerpints, hand or footprints, artwork or a special message.

All our beautiful keepsake jewellery is made from 99.9% pure silver, and each piece is unique.  Creations can be made from

•Bride's Bouquets
•Pet's Paw Prints

Creating a family heirloom which will last forever!

Each piece of jewellery will be unique as no two leaves or flower petals are ever the same.

Your precious mementos can be turned into


My Love of Silver

Being soft and pliable it offers the silversmith a greater degree of workability than most other precious metals.
I had been a lover of silver jewellery for as long as I can remember and when I was given an opportunity to study the work of experienced craftsmen, creating silver jewellery in Yorkshire, I jumped at the chance. They opened up to me a fascinating world of alternative ways of working with silver jewellery and it was there that the idea of Enchanting Charms was born.

Since the birth of Enchanting Charms I have gone on to further extend my skills and knowledge of how a skilled silversmith creates silver jewellery and have mastered the skills necessary to produce the stunning pieces of silver jewellery you see here.  It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to take the process of creating stunning silver jewellery from a client's basic idea through the various production stages to eventually deliver a personalised silver jewellery keepsake which they will treasure forever. That is what Enchanting Charms is all about..

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