Sunday, 22 January 2012

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Why Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

Short n Sweet Super Sunday...

I just HAD to share this post with you from our wonderful friends over at Wed Bits, courtesy of Bridesmaid Designer and Gurus over at the delectable Dessy

These Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards are the perfect way to ask your Supportive Sisters to share your very special day.  Easily downloadable, you select your own design and colour to suit your theme before previewing and inviting Team Bridesmaid to squeal, cry, and say darn well YES!  And the best bit?  It's completely freeeeeeee! 

PS I look terrible in frilly neon pink satin and am available most Saturdays...

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Trends for a Blush-ing Bride

Well a very Happy (semi belated) New Year to you all!  Dreams HQ has been ever so busy over the festive season, and I'm now rearing to go with gusto for 2012.  Looking back on the first Blog Post of 2011, I'd made some ever-so-silly resolutions that I was never going to keep (it is an unwritten rule that those in the wedding industry must indulge in sugary goodies and fizz frequently) so this year, I've changed tact.  And so far so good!  Aqua Running three times per week (I'm in my second week, #sofarsogood), my energy levels are nearly soaring and my wobbly knees will soon be a distant...wobble (knees crossed).

And so a new year brings us new beginnings; new brides, and new trends.  So how different are the trends from last year?  Well, the suppliers I met at the Liverpool Wedding Show at the weekend were still the same shiny happy people, some new contacts, some old, but all noticeably excited at the new ideas emerging for 2012 and also the good old faithful trends, but with perhaps a little twist.

In a time of tight waistlines, and tighter belts, it's amazed me at how on each post-Chrsitmas visit to a shop, cafe, restaurant, or bar, everywhere is buzzing.  In a raging recession, in a blue, bleak month, Liverpool, in true spirit, is fighting it in its own little manner.  Which brings me nicely onto my 2012 bridal trends.  From lust to not fussed, check them out here...

Ostentatious is so 2011.  2012 is all about less is more.  Not that brides are compromising on style, oh no.  2012 is all about less haste, more taste.

Gone are the towering tiers a la Kim Kardashian.  Cake designers are paying homage to the iconic wedding dresses of designers such as Alexander McQueen with their meticulous attention to detail.  Embellishments, sugar lace, beading and embroidery on three, four, five tier cakes accompanied with dessert towers are the order of the big day.

Allure in Demure
2012 Brides are looking for coy coverage meaning necklines are creeping up.  And thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, sleeves and lace are big.  Illusion necklines, high necklines, low back or sheer backs mean brides can select a look that’s individual and ‘their’ own.  2012 will see an introduction of blush and nude colours, not only reserved for bridesmaids, for the blushing bride too.

All images supplied by the Bridal Gallery Group

Flowers are going green
Textural, leafy bouquets with different hues are in.  Mixed greenery bouquets with super creamy neutrals, soft and romantic designs are interesting and not too busy.  Who can forget Kate Moss and her family of flower fairies wearing lush, green head wreaths?  Stunning.  Centrepieces will follow suit, less symmetry, and won’t necessarily have to match.  Colour palettes for spring and summer will differ from this with pops of bright jewel colours; red, orange, lime green and pink.

Reception styling
2012 is waving goodbye to the overdone vintage and DIY theme.  Couples are now going for relaxed refinery.  Long communal tables with low floral designs allow guests to engage less formally, without the obstructed view.  Couples want to give their guests the party of all parties, with surprise entertainment elements of dancers and favourite bands.

And finally, one for the boys.  Jenny from Groom Hire at the Wedding House tells us 
In the last 12 months Groom Hire has seen a move towards more traditional morning tails in black, silver, grey and brown. Black tie is also popular. Unique to Groom is our bespoke tie and waistcoat, making service in a choice of over 500 shades of silk.  So brides and grooms really can match any colour scheme!