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BLOGGED: What Do Wedding Planners Do?

This week I was super kindly invited to contribute to the 'UK's Best Bridal Mini-Mag' -the Wedding Ideas blog.  An offer I couldn't refuse!  I LOVE the herd at Wedding ideas for their inspirational advice and real life weddings, so to be asked to share my insights into the wonderful world of wedding planning was a great honour.  Enjoy! bd x

What do wedding planners do?

What do wedding planners do? Newly engaged couples can often find the wonderful world of weddings a little daunting, so look to the guidance and creativity of a wedding planner. Busy couples with hectic family, work and social commitments use planners to save time, and savvy couples to save money! But what exactly do we do to help you get hitched without a hitch? Helen Burns from Bespoken Dreams gives us the ins and outs of what wedding planners actually do!

Helen Burns from Bespoken dreams
Helen Burns from Bespoken Dreams

Dial M for Marriage
Planners listen. To your ideas, dreams, aspirations, loves, hates, hobbies and interests to understand your unique style and flair, throughout the whole of the planning process. We’re your speed dial magic number…

Budget planning and admin is essential. We can crunch your numbers to ensure you stay in line with budget and get the very best deals for you.

Research Your Dream Venue
Your reception is your biggest splurge; we eliminate venues out of budget and investigate those that have facilities featuring most highly on your wanted list. Barn to Boutique, Castle to Country House, Historical to Heritage!

Friends in High Place
Planners aren’t just for celebs or blingy budgets. We each have our own ‘little white book’ of reputable, inspiring suppliers to negotiate prices on your behalf, saving you money in the process.

We’re En Vogue
Our job is to make sure we’re ahead of the style stakes in order to give you as many options as possible to create the dream day you’re both visualising.

We’re Niche
Planners have their own niche so we’ll never try to put a square (marquee) peg in a round hole! Like your betrothed, you’ll know if you’ve found the right planner.

We’re Impartial
Representing style-savvy couples staying true to their personal flair, we give honest, impartial and expert advice to guarantee complete Bridal Idol. We won’t let any friend, family or foe stress you out!

Designing a Theme
We create visual mood boards of inspiring colours, textures and even smells! Text, photographs, magazines, images, swatches and samples will bring your potential theme to life. Delicate, significant touches to the sublime!

It’s Your Choice
How involved we get with your planning is entirely up to you. Planners offer a full coordination or can also break this service down into amuse-bouche bites. Planning as smooth as the silk dress you’re possibly wearing!

Searching for the Cream of the Crop!
Planners have an extensive circle of vetted suppliers, big or small, from the award winning to the hidden gems, all sharing the same ethos of creating your oh-so special celebration.

Thank you Wedding Ideas for featuring me on your beautiful blog! x

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